AM10SC Access Master Super Combo

Includes Chrome Tools with Sure Grip Handles, 30 Advanced Chrome Tools, Two Volume Opening Manuals with all auto and heavy truck openings, Auto opening training DVD, New Super Strap Tool, Wedgee Wedge, Tool ID System, Coated Flexible Long Reach Tool, One
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The High Tech Super Combo is our most popular lock-out set. It is the most economical value for complete sets. With the included car opening manuals, all basic openings are clearly outlined so you can get into and out of cars easily. The manuals are the true strength of any of our sets. Opening cars is difficult, unless you have the proper knowledge on how to unlock vehicles from all of the biggest brands in today's market. The lockout tools are of high quality material, and every lock-out tool has a number for quick reference. It has all of the in the door tools, which if used properly, get into the majority of the vehicles on the road today. It also includes the basic, most popular accessories offered by High Tech/Access Tools. These include the Wedgee, the Air Jack Air Wedge, Slim Jim, One Hand Jack Tool, Glassman tool for frameless windows, and a few more. With this set, you have everything you need to get into vehicles of every make and model, covering most vehicles from 1979 to the present.
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  • 12 Basic Chrome Tools with Sure Grip Handles
  • 20 Advanced Chrome Tools
  • Two Volume Opening Manuals with all auto and heavy truck openings
  • Auto opening training DVD
  • New Super Strap Tool
  • Wedgee Wedge
  • Tool ID System
  • Coated Flexible Long Reach Tool
  • One Hand Jack tool
  • Regular Air Wedge
  • GlassMan tool
  • Mega Deluxe Soft Case.